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Vinyl "not the end of me" - Double Vinyl LP


PLEASE NOTE: I will be away, performing in Puerto Vallarta, from Nov 8 2018 - Feb 1 2019, so I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERSONALIZE YOUR ORDERS WITHIN' THAT TIME. If you place an order within that time and ask for personalization, it will not be personalized, and will be sent to you with just my signature (that I pre signed).
You can still still get your order autographed by me (I signed a bunch of items before I left) but I CANNOT PERSONALIZE THEM (i.e write "to [your name] etc"

IF YOU WANT YOUR ORDER PERSONALIZED: You must say so in the "comments" section at the end of your order. Write something like "Please personalize to...." so I know whose name to write.

Again, If you want your order personalized, order BEFORE Nov 7, or AFTER Feb 1, otherwise it will be sent out without personalization.

Thanks for your understanding and support! :D
- Steve
For the die-hard Steve Grand fan and music connoisseur, enjoy the retro experience of listening to Steve's hotly anticipated new album, "not the end of me," on pressed vinyl, in all its sonic warmth, specially remastered for Vinyl!

Includes all 15 original tracks featured on the CD, specially remastered on 2 Vinyl Disks.

Album release date is July 6th 2018. This is a pre-order of the album, and will be shipped some time in July *will post more accurate shipping date as soon as we have it*

In addition to your album, you will also receive a digital copy of the album through the email you provide at checkout. You will receive an email with a link to download a zip file of the MP3 digital files of the tracks. You will need to open this file on a computer, extract the file and then import it into your music player app of choice.

All songs written and recorded by: Steve Grand
All artwork by: Steve Grand

Purchase of the Double Vinyl LP includes the 2 vinyl records, 2 insides record sleeves with all the lyrics to the songs, and the full 4 sided vinyl jacket.

AUTOGRAPHED copies available, personalized by Steve.

Buy the Vinyl LP and CD together and save!